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Carol Meekes

Somatic Body Movement Class Instructor

My Mission

To share what I have learned so that others may also experience greater comfort in their bodies and ease in their lives.

In 2015, after what seemed like a lifetime of managing body pain and tension, a friend recommended that I try a somatic body movement class. By the end of my first class, I realized I had received an extraordinary gift.

In 2018, an opportunity arose to take basic Somatic Movement Class Instructor Training with Applied Somatics, in Duncan. Their somatic (mind/body) approach to individuals in discomfort has its roots in the work of Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell  (see

With this instructor training, I deepened my own experience of the benefits of somatic body movement while also becoming skilled to instruct others. I am thrilled to be able to offer these gentle body movement classes to my local community and general Nanaimo area.


I found the effect of the Somatics exercises I did to be eye-opening and profound. I enjoy the relaxed pace and the mindful instruction in the classes; I highly recommend it.

– Janyne S., Nanaimo, British Columbia

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